Course: Software Engineering I

CMPT 275 Software Engineering I

Course description:

An introduction to software engineering techniques used for both software development process and software project management. The course centers on a team-based software development project and utilizes the use case approach to drive requirements gathering, object-oriented analysis, user documentation, and design phases. The project also includes implementation and testing phases, where release and maintenance phases are discussed. Throughout the course, issues related to software project planning, quality assurance, configuration management and people management are examined.


  1. Software Life Cycle and Software Development Process
  2. Requirements Gathering and Specification, as well as Object-Oriented Analysis
  3. Design: high-level design (architectural, module interface, user interface, etc.) and low-level design (detailed design of classes)
  4. Implementation: code standards, code review, etc.
  5. Testing: unit, integration, system, user acceptance and test plans
  6. Documentation: user manual, etc.
  7. Issues related to Maintenance and Support
  8. Introduction to Project Management
  9. Introduction to Software Configuration Management
  10. Introduction to Quality Assurance

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