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I have taught this class in various semesters (Summer 2009 / Fall 2009 / Spring 2010 / Summer 2010 / Fall 2010 / Summer 2011) with different variations. A paper that described our adventure in Fall 2009 (SFU Innovation Challenge) was published in WCCCE 2010.

  • J. Kietzmann and H. H. Tsang, "Minding the Gap: Bridging Computing Science and Business Studies with an Interdisciplinary Innovation Challenge", WCCCE 2010 - the 15th Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education, University of British Columbia, May 7 - 8, 2010, P. 80-84


Currently, three apps that we have developed in our class are in the iTunes store. We are expecting more apps to be in the iTune store soon!

Name Description Release date Link to the iTunes store
Handy_Dialer The most basic and fundamental feature of a phone is to dial a phone number. The main goal of the application is to press the dial pad without actually pressing the correct number. Instead the user waits until the number is highlighted, then the user may proceed to touch the screen. It highlights through one row at a time of the dial pad and when the user needs to select that particular row they just click anywhere on the screen. Then the application will highlight each individual key on the key pad. Again, the user waits until the key they want is highlighted. Some features that are supplementary to the dialer include the following: an easy to access user interface; a contact list that can add, delete and search; a phone directory; and a call log. LINK TO DOWNLOAD Feb 28, 2012
Typasaurous Tired of using the same old keyboard day after day by scrutinizing on the tiny screen to find and choose the right letters? Well, use Typasaurous! Typasaurous is the FIRST handwriting/shorthand recognition notepad on iTunes App Store designed with accessibility in mind for all your needs such as Email and SMS! Typasaurous offers you the ease of “drawing” out each letter as you would on a piece a paper! Write by simply following our loosely guided gesture motions and letters will instantly appear at the cursor. The goal of Typasaurous is to combat dexterity problems for the differently abled who may have trouble experiencing the touch-screen keyboards fully from stubby fingers, weakened vision, or lack of fine-motor skills. Enjoy your freedom NOW with Typasaurous! LINK TO DOWNLOAD Sept 13, 2011
FishAlive Fish Alive! is a single-user mobile game that promises a mind-challenging experience. In Fish Alive! the player controls a fish trying to survive a waterless world. The only water available is through water pipes that are connected to the sewers. The objective of the game is to obtain as many points as possible through completing each level and consuming as many fish food as possible. The user must keep the fish alive by constructing a pathway for the fish to move from the starting point to the ending point, while attempting to consume as much fish food as possible. This can only be accomplished by strategically placing available water pipes on the game map. The water pipes need to be strategically placed so that the water pipe being placed is connected to the preceding water pipe. As you complete each level the maps become more difficult and complex than the preceding one, making the game a truly strategic experience. Complete the levels as fast as you can to receive more points. Ranking is available at the end of the game. LINK TO DOWNLOAD May 9, 2011
SFU Beedie School of Business Connect with the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia - one of Canada's premier business schools. Our growing digital community includes students, alumni, scholars and industry leaders. Get the latest in management research highlights and thought leadership - from innovation to entrepreneurship to international business. Learn more about school events, alumni updates and new ideas for business, whenever and wherever you want them. link May 3, 2011
SFU SFU is an unofficial app for SFU. There are numbers of features that you may find useful, check it out! link Jan 10, 2011
Green Powered Green Powered is a sorting game to show which types of items are recyclable, and how to sort those items. Recycling tools which helps kids recycle by giving them a way to log what they recycle, and a way to find recycling depots near their area. link Oct 20, 2010
Asteroid Math Asteroid Math is a side scrolling space shooter where the player must destroy asteroids to collect numbers to complete an onscreen equation. Tests addition, subtraction and multiplication. link Aug 09, 2010
S-I-G-M-A S-I-G-M-A is a falling blocks game with a math twist. link Jun 05, 2010

See here for more information.


The following table summarized the different projects we have done in various semesters.

Semester Special Projects Description
Summer 2009 Class project First semester teaching this class with iPhone/iPod Touch as class project.
Fall 2009 CMPT 275 Class Project - SFU Innovation Challenge Project centered on “Mobile education in today’s workforce”. Collaboration with Dr. Jan Kietzmann, SFU School of Business and Elmer Sum, SFU’s University / Industry Liaison Office (UILO)
Fall 2009 MITACS / Accelerate Internship program Student worked at Mod7 Communications Inc. and Elastic Entertainment Inc. as a part of the MITACS ACCELERATE internship program (Mathematics of Information Technology And Complex Systems). Collaboration with Dr. Kay C. Wiese (SFU CS).
Spring 2010 CMPT 275 Class Project Project centered around “Mobile education”
Spring 2010 TIME Ventures Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Initiative Student worked for MusicCentric Technologies Inc. under the SFU TIME Ventures SME Initiative. Collaboration with Dr. Tamara Smyth (SFU CS).
Summer 2010 CMPT 275 Class Project - OSDFA – “One Size Does Not Fit All” Project centered on “Mobile computing for user with accessibility issues”. Collaboration with Dr. Peter Borwein, Professor and Burnaby Mountain Chair, Co-Executive Director IRMACS.
Fall 2010 CMPT 275 Class Project - Information portal There were two sponsors for this semester: The Dean's office of Faculty of Applied Science and the School of Business (SFU Innovation Challenge II)
Fall 2010 MITACS / Accelerate Internship program Postdoctoral fellow worked with a local company as a part of the MITACS ACCELERATE internship program (Mathematics of Information Technology And Complex Systems). Co-Supervised with Dr. Tom Calvert (SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology).
Summer 2011 CMPT 275 Class Project - OSDFA – “One Size Does Not Fit All - II” Project centered on “Mobile computing for user with accessibility issues”.

Summer 2011 - "OSDFA One Size Doesn't Fit All - II"

The goal of the project is to develop software tool to help person with accessibility issues.

Stay tuned for more details or email me for more information.

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